Sunday, February 17, 2008


Where has this month gone? There are less than 2 weeks left in February and I haven't posted a single blog. Shame on me. There have been 2 three day weekends from student teaching, which you would think would give me more time, but somehow there seems to be less. Two Fridays ago was the 100th day of school (which is a big deal in K and 1st grade) so we had a party. Then, last Thursday was Valentine's Day, so more parties.

I have been busy planning lessons and trying to get all of my assignments for school done ahead of time. There are at least 2 assignments due each week from now until the end of February. Last weekend I took the RICA, which is a test about teaching and assessing student reading. They give you 4 hours to take the test. I am usually a pretty fast test taker, but this one took me 3 HOURS!!! And I was only the third person to leave my testing room. Super long! I felt so burnt out after that.

I finally finished my STR last night. I finished the first sock on 2/2, but took a little longer to finish the second sock (SSS much?). Here they are:


After I finished the first sock, I only had this much yarn left:


So I need to explain. Since I don't own a swift (see previous post) my yarn ended up getting into a big knot halfway through winding it. I ended up make one ball that was a little smaller than the second ball of yarn. I used the smaller ball to make the first sock. When I finished the sock, the above picture is how much yarn I had left of that ball. So, if it hadn't worked out, I still would have had more yarn, BUT who wants to join a new ball of yarn at the very tip of the toe??? The yarn gods were smiling on me that day.

I paid for it on the second sock though. I finished knitting the foot and realized that somehow I had an extra three stitches. This wouldn't be a huge deal, but the color pattern on the socks didn't match and the second sock was a little wider, so I had to frog about 1.5-2 hours worth of knitting. Oh well. At least they match now.

Next weekend, the family is going to Tahoe to play in the snow. I am now working on a beanie for myself that will look like this:


With this yarn:



brunhilda said...

Wow, that was lucky! Just enough yarn.

And that's a pretty purple :)

knittingma said...

Great job with the socks. I'm almost positive I'm going to run out of yarn on the socks I'm making right now. *Fingers crossed* Your beanie will be pretty, too!

Oh, and schools are *not* closed in Michigan on Presidents' Day. I was so surprised to hear that they're closed in California! Lucky you. :)