Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Just a quick post of our pumpkins! Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.

My pumpkin:

Hubby's pumpkin:

My niece in her Halloween costume:


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mouse or Bear?

I finished the hat for my niece, which will be part of her Halloween costume. As mentioned before she is going as a mouse. Surprisingly enough, I didn't have any brown worsted weight yarn in my stash. I went to Michaels with a coupon to get some yarn. I was looking specifically for yarn that wasn't on sale because then I couldn't use my coupon (I have been trapped by this trick before). I picked out my yarn (no sale sign to be found) and a couple of scrapbooking items that were on sale. When I went to checkout, they told me that the yarn was on sale (although the regular price with the coupon would have been less) and that the only thing I could use my coupon for was a 59 cent sheet of paper. I guess saving 24 cents is better than nothing! I swear they only give out coupons to get you in the store. Oh well.

Anyway, I found a knitting pattern that was called a mouse hat and here is the finished product:


Some say it looks like mouse ears and others say bear ears. I'm just hoping that it will look like mouse ears with her costume and then after Halloween it can be one of those cute everyday beanies with bear ears on it. Either way, I just hope it fits!

Last posting I forgot to include a picture of the husband and me attending our first Sharks game since moving. It was also the home opener. Unfortunately they lost, but it was still fun to attend.

Not the best picture of us, but pretty good considering we took it ourselves with the kitchen counter and camera timer :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yes, Of Course I Will!

That was my response when my cousin hesitantly asked me if maybe I could knit a up a hat for her daughter. Someone asking me to knit them something? Someone who totally appreciates handmade projects. The answer was simple. Of course I will.

She doesn't need just any hat. She needs something to complete her daughter's costume for Halloween. Her older daughter (3yr. old) decided that she wanted to be a princess. After that decision was made, my cousin thought it would be cute for the whole family to go along with a theme. My cousin will be a fairy godmother, her husband will be a prince (I think), and the newest addition (5mo. old) will be a mouse (like from Cinderella). So I searched on Ravelry for a free mouse hat pattern, I didn't really find one the I liked. I google searched and found a pattern to use, but of course now I can't find it again to post the link. I can't wait to see how the whole costume comes together and hopefully will be able to post a picture later.

Last night was knit night. This was my second time attending in 3 weeks. It seems like such a wonderful happy group of people. I really enjoy the knitting discussions as well as knitting during the silences (which would otherwise be awkward silences). This was my first time going to this particular coffee shop. The parking situation was ridiculous (especially for a Wednesday night)! After searching for a spot for over 10 minutes I told myself, "Okay, I will go down one more row and if I don't find anything, I'm heading home." Sure enough, not just one, but two spots opened up in that row. It must have been the knitting gods telling me that I should not give up on this knit night!

Here is a picture of the project I worked on there:



One sock down, one to go! Oh, the dreaded second sock...

And to try to get into the Halloween Spirit (on a budget) I have done a little decorating:



That's right! Color, cut, and glue. I got the Halloween print outs from Life is Good.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Well, here it is 2010, and I almost let it slip by without posting a thing! Lots has changed in the last year, but I will first share a couple of projects that I recently finished:

Thanksgiving Day Gloves

Box Bag

I am not much of a seamstress, so I was rather impressed with myself for completing this project. It definitely isn't perfect, but I finished it, zipper and all!

I'm not sure my reason for not posting, but it probably had something to do with navigating through my first two years of teaching. Why do I have time now? Because for the second time in my two years of teaching, I was laid off. The difference is that this year I was not recalled. On a happier note, I got married this year:



I love the picture of us with smashed cake. It was fun! So, since then we have moved and my husband started his new job. For now, I will probably sub (eh) until I find something. I figure this means I have more time to start posting on a regular basis.

After moving, I am now 40 minutes or so away from my friends. Not the end of the world, but not close enough for those last minute coffee dates. In order to meet new people, I started attending a knitting meetup. Hopefully I will be able to make some new friends and it would be awesome to have friends that actually "get" this knitting thing :)