Monday, April 14, 2008

Aren't You Jealous!?!



That's right! My mom wrote a recipe for YARN BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! I'm so spoiled :) Today is my birthday and I celebrated with my family yesterday. We actually celebrated four birthdays in my family that all fall within the same week. Amanda (me), Bill (dad), Carol (aunt) and David (uncle). My aunt pointed out that it's the A,B,C,D Birthday. Loved it!

As far as my birthday today...well it was spent student teaching until 2:40pm, doing homework, writing lessons and going to class from 4:40-8:00pm. Not so exciting today. It's only 9:30 and I am ready for bed! Wow, I feel old! ;) To make the day a little better, my K-1 class sang happy birthday to me and gave me cards they made themselves. Their teacher even had them estimate my age. I got everything from 16-80. Do I really look that young or old?? Kids are funny! Definitely made me laugh :)


brunhilda said...

I love the cake, that's so awesome!

yes,80, definitely 80 :p

knittingma said...

I am *definitely* jealous! :) That cake is so creative. Happy Birthday, although I'm very late in saying so. I hope you had a wonderful day!