Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Birds and the Bees

Today was my second time substituting for my master teacher's class. The kids were pretty well behaved (none of them ran away this time). It seems like at least once a week we have a bee fly into our classroom. If we turn out the lights and shut the blinds, the bee will usually head straight for the sunlight coming through the open door and leave. Today we had a bee fly in, so I did the routine (calm kids down, turn out lights, leave door open). The bee flew out of the room shortly after.

Then today during math we had a bird fly into our classroom. That's right! A real live BIRD!!! What are the chances (pretty good if I'm the substitute I guess). Anyway, the kids went absolutely bonkers (which I can't really blame them because how often does that really happen??). We tried to use the same technique that we use to encourage the bees to leave, but it didn't work at all. I tried to settle the kids down by telling them to ignore the bird. No such luck. So I had all of the kids put their heads down on their desks. Then I told them that if they were SO interested in the bird that they couldn't stop talking about it or looking at it, then they would have to write a research report on birds. That pretty much got the kids back on task. The principal came into the room and called for someone to get the bird out. Before someone came to save the day, the bird flew out of the room on its own.

Never a dull moment when Ms. B. is the substitute :)

I can't even relate this to knitting, but it was too good of a story not to share.

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knittingma said...

That's crazy! Sometimes I see birds that have flown into the supermarket, but a classroom?! Wow. I think I would have freaked out, too. You handled it well with the research paper warning. Very clever. :)