Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tiny Things

So I don't know if I am the only one, but I love tiny things. And when I say tiny things, I mean real life things that are made miniature. For example, sometimes at the craft store they have little dollhouse furniture and may also have things like little tiny fried eggs, little tiny dishes, little tiny tennis racket, you know, whatever. There is a point to this. Over the weekend I knit mini mittens! They are the cutest thing. I finished one and couldn't stop laughing. Something about that mini mitten that no one will ever wear brought so much joy to me. Eddie was like "what are you going to do with that???" Who cares! Look how cute they are:

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I have patterns for mini sweaters and hats also. I was thinking that they could be Christmas ornaments or I could decorate a wreath with them. Or maybe I'll just keep them in my purse and pull them out every time I need some cheering up.

Also this weekend I finished a pair of socks, which is oh so gratifying! Especially when you have finished both socks :)

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brunhilda said...

i love mini things too! i'm planning on making lots of mini things and making them into ornaments to give as presents this year.

knittingma said...

Oh, those mittens are adorable! And your socks turned out wonderfully. I love the ambrosia pattern on the leg.