Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trellis Lives Again

When my cousin had her first baby, I knit Trellis. It was the first baby sweater I knit, for the first baby in that generation of cousins. Sadly, the sweater was stolen. I wrote about it here.

Now that I am having my first baby, I decided to reknit this sweater. I may have mentioned before that I don't always love knitting cables, but I love the way they look. All I can say is thank goodness this is a baby a sweater. It might be her only handknit cabled sweater, but never say never.

When knitting for baby, I have been trying to stay away from pink, assuming that we would get tons of pink clothes (which we have). I had pink buttons for this sweater already that I bought about three years ago when a knitting shop closed. I thought about doing a white sweater about a minute before reminding myself that this would be for a little person that will probably spit up a lot. So, pink it is!

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Also, this year for New Year's Eve, we didn't really do anything. My sister-in-law came over and played video games with my husband while I finished a book I was reading. We kept it low key and just stayed home and I was actually able to stay up late enough to watch the ball drop.

Here's me & baby on NYE, 36 weeks :)

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Becky said...

So cute! I love knitting baby clothes - instant gratification, and you hardly need any yarn!