Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Picture

So I will probably be putting up pictures of things that I have already completed. I would like to keep track of the things I have made. The first picture is of the baby blanket that I made for my cousin. It will be the first baby in the next generation.

The blue baby blanket:

There is really nothing too special about this blanket. It is knit in garter stitch. I tried doing something a little more fancy, but it didn't show up too well in this yarn (it was also much easier to knit in garter stitch while reading for school). It is boulce and I think the color is sea breeze. When I made the blanket, I didn't know if my cousin was having a boy or a girl, but figured that blue could go either way. I thought that I might be lucky and she would just have a boy. Unfortunately my luck never works out that way. So on top of the blanket I decided to make a baby sweater. I have only made one sweater before that was striped stockinette. This is the beginning of the baby sweater and I love it! I used this yarn:

Beginning of the sweater:

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