Monday, December 10, 2007

Busy, busy

I can't believe that it is already the 10th of the month and I haven't posted a blog yet. Shame on me. The thing is that I have been super busy (like everyone else) and blogging really hasn't been the first thing on my to do list. I decided I would post something before Samantha Who? comes on (which I can knit while I watch, so it's not wasting time!).

I finished the stocking for my dad, which turned out awesome, don't you think??

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I was so proud of myself. This was my first project with intarsia. So here's the funny/ironic conversation I had with my boyfriend.

Me: Look at how great it is!!!

BF: It looks great babe.

Me: No seriously! Isn't it awesome!?!?! I mean it totally looks STORE BOUGHT!

Ok, so isn't the point of making a knitted gift the fact that it isn't store bought. And sometimes we buy things from the store and they are a piece of crap! I really don't know why I thought that this would make my stocking oh so much better. What I should have said was, "Doesn't it look like a PROFESSIONAL HAND KNITTER WITH YEARS OF EXPERIENCE made this?" I think that would better show the amount of pride that I found in this project, especially after all the frogging it went through.

I have started the matching one for my mom:

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It will pretty much be the same except that it will have Mrs. Claus instead of Santa Claus on it. Matching! How cute is that? I'm still debating if I want (have time) to make stockings for my sister and me. If I do, then the whole family will have a set. We shall see how the rest of the Christmas shopping/knitting goes.

My boyfriend has asked me to knit him a pair of socks. So far I have made him two pairs and he's begging for more (so spoiled!). I started the socks (nothing fancy of course):

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I was just going to finish them up and give them to him. Then I decided that he will have to wait until Christmas. There is no way that he gets "freebies" that will take up some of my Christmas knitting time. He will have to be patient. The socks are so "snuggly" (which is the name of the yarn) that I am tempted to keep them for myself :) But 'tis the season of giving...


knittingma said...

Your stocking for your Dad looks great! I think I've said those things about my knitting before, too--what you mean to say is that it's perfect and splendid and basically heirloom quality. :)

apocaknits said...

Yes! Snuggly yarn!

(I sent mine to my Granma. I'm glad you ended up using yours in a project.)

Love the stockings, they're so adorable.