Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Need to Vent

So I am a little frustrated. As of this Monday I was supposed to start substitute teaching. I figured I could make a little extra money during my break from school and student teaching. All weekend (esp. Sunday) I was getting really anxious about the whole thing. I was thinking about all the things that could go wrong, that I wouldn't be familiar with the school, what if the kids were horrible, what if there weren't any lesson plans, etc. I like predictability for the most part and being flexible is one of those things that I'm working on. I worked myself up so much that I ended up denying the job that I got called for on Monday at 6:30am (it's automated) and went back to bed. I missed another call at 8:30am.

Then on Tuesday I couldn't sub because I had a final, so I wouldn't be free all day. I actually missed that call and wasn't able to deny it. Last night I mentally prepared myself for subbing today. I looked up a bunch of activities online for students to do in case there weren't any lesson plans. I was still nervous, but felt more prepared. As an added bonus, Wednesdays are a minimum day. I would still have to stay at the school until 3pm, but the kids leave at 12:40pm. I would just hide out in the classroom and read a book until 3pm.

I got up early this morning and awaited my call. I didn't get one by 6:30am so I figured I would get one around 8:30am (since that is the time they came the previous two days). I decided to read my book until then. 8:30 came and went,and by 9am I figured that I wouldn't be getting a call.

I'm not sure if there weren't any jobs for me today or that they didn't call me because I missed the last two calls that they gave me. I'm a little frustrated because I felt somewhat more ready today. The minimum day would have been a good starter day, but now if I sub tomorrow I have to survive a whole day, then go take another final, then a get together with all the students in my cohort and then meeting a friend for coffee. This will be a full day and I'm really not sure that I'm up for it. Argh!

On the bright side, I now have time today to read my book (P.S. I Love You) that I want to finish before the movie comes out and do some KNITTING!! I'm even going to go to a yarn shop today that I haven't been to in awhile. It will still be a good day. Just not the one I had planned on.

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knittingma said...

Aw, I'm sure they just didn't have a need for a substitute! I'd hope they wouldn't take you off of the list because you couldn't do it for two days. I can definitely see how it's frustrating. But at least you'll be really prepared for the day you do get called! :)