Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Da Bears!

As promised, I have a picture of Eddie wearing the socks that I made for him.

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I was able to give them to him last Sunday when the Bears played the Chiefs. We now know that the socks work because the Bears won 20-10!!! Hopefully the luck lasts throughout the season and the Bears can make it to the Super Bowl again. I'm not a Bears fan (nor a huge football fan in general), but I figure if he can support my obsessive knitting habit then I can support his team :)

P.S. I have only been on Ravelry for two days, but I absolutely love it!! If only I could organize my entire life this way :) I have also finally found something to make with my Amaizing yarn (SWTC). My name on Ravelry is "abarclay." Check it out!


knittingma said...

Great job with the socks! I'm glad you found an exchange--a mitten exchange sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck with it! I'm excited to see your finished project. :)

throwing a knit said...

Did you use a pattern for the socks? I'd love to make these for my son with his college colors.