Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So I have been looking at other people's knitting blogs and many people have pictures of packages that they have received in the mail. These packages usually have candy, yarn, knitting needles and all other kinds of fun stuff. My question is, how do I get in on this??? I love getting mail that isn't a bill, especially when it's a package!! Does anyone know how I sign up for one of these exchanges?? If so, please let me know :)


knittingma said...

I'm newer on the blog scene, too, and it seems like I find out about exchanges when they're not taking any more people, or when they're all over. You can go to, but in my experience, non of the knitting exchanges will let you join if you've never been in on an exchange before! Arg. Let me know if you find one, and I'll do the same. :)

knittingma said...

FYI: Keep your eye on this website:

They haven't started the new SP round yet, but once they do, we'll be in on it!

knittingma said...

I know--I got lucky and found the website for the swap 1.5 hours before sign-up closed. Otherwise, I definitely would have let you know about it! If I find anymore, I'll forward them on.