Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So I finally started my March socks from the STR sock club. I figured I should get on it since the May shipment should be coming towards the end of the month. Hopefully I can finish these socks by the end of the weekend (ha!). This is what I did tonight while watching "August Rush"...


which, might I add, I did not think lived up to its hype. My mom told me how great the movie was, but I thought it was too predictable and a little cheezy! Wasn't a fan. Just glad that I didn't totally waste my time because it got me to sit down and start these socks :)

P.S. Take notice of the adorable stitch holders. My cousin made the ball of yarn and sock and I did the pancakes. So crafty!!


knittingma said...

I love your pancake stitch marker! How creative are you? I don't think I'd ever have the idea to put pancakes on a stitch marker, but it's so darn cute. :)

I also love that STR pattern. I've been ogling it over on Ravelry. Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

brunhilda said...

those stitch markers are great! the pancakes made my day :)