Sunday, May 4, 2008

No Time!

I swear there is no time for anything!! Well at least not the things that I would rather be doing right now. I am student teaching all day every day right now, and then I have classes at night on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Somewhere in between those things, I have to make time to write lesson plans, do busy work assignments (don't even get me started), buy groceries, eat, bathe, you know...the basics. While all of this is going on, I have started the job hunt, which is practically impossible with the budget cuts and no school district seems to know what openings they will have. Many people at the job fairs are telling us to not be opposed to substitute teaching. Why do they even have the job fair?? Argh!!!

Anyway, this weekend Eddie actually complained that he hadn't seen me knit anything for awhile. This is not because he is not there all the time. It is true, I have not been knitting. So last night and today I started the handles to the Market Square bag. I am so close to the finish line on this project and it has been dragging on. Must finish!!! I will post pictures soon(er or later) when it is finished. I apologize for the boring blog, but needed to post something!!

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knittingma said...

It's nice that your boyfriend enjoys your knitting so much! I think if I hadn't knit in a while, my husband may ask about it, but he would probably be secretly relieved (less money spent on yarn, more time to watch sports with him in TV). :)

I hope your student teaching is going well! And that you find some time to relax, already!