Monday, October 15, 2007


I started making the Baby Surprise Jacket a couple of weeks ago and then put it down with no desire to pick it up again. My first problem is that I used a worsted weight yarn which ended up making the sweater bigger than I had planned. I guess I was supposed to use a sock weight yarn to make a smaller sweater. I think that this is the appeal of this pattern. You can make different sizes just by changing the yarn the you use. So then I was thinking "whatever." It's always better too big than too small (within in reason of course). I got over the fact that this jacket won't fit a newborn and the wearer will just have to wait until she gets a little bit older.

So I'm going along with the pattern only to realize that each end of the sweater has a different amount of stitches after the stitch markers. They should be exactly the same. Since the pattern only tells you to make the increases or decreases before or after the stitch markers and doesn't give a certain number of stitches to count, I didn't realize my mistake until finishing all of the increases in that section. So...I don't know where I made the initial mistake and I really don't know if fixing it or leaving it will make a major difference. We're talking about two stitches worth of a mistake. Part of me just wants to keep going and see how it turns out and the perfectionist in me wants to frog the whole thing and start from scratch. What's a girl to do??

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knittingma said...

Wow, this looks great! I really like the yarn--what kind is it? I think if you're only off 2 stitches, and it's not gonna be a problem with the construction, or too obvious, I would probably just finish it as is. But maybe that's just me not wanting to think about ripping out anything else! I'm excited for Ravelry--only about 250 people before me now.

brunhilda said...

For two stitches I would just keep going. If it ends up being a problem, remember that babies don't know what bad knitting looks like :p