Sunday, October 28, 2007


I did another Halloween themed project this weekend. I love it because it is quick and easy, the illusion knitting is really cool and because it is quick and easy!! Since I was so stressed with school and student teaching, I decided to treat myself to getting a massage. If you are ever going to treat yourself to something, this is definitely the thing to do! On the way home I stopped at JoAnn Fabrics to get some Sugar 'n Creme yarn to make the dishcloth. They only had yellow, orange and white. No black. Luckily there was a Michaels craft store nearby, so that was my next stop. They had much more variety there, but still no black yarn. I thought about just using an acrylic yarn and hoping for the best. This was a crazy thought, but let me tell ya people, I get a little crazy when I want to make something. I'm not so good with the patience thing. It's a work in progress :) Anyway, Michaels had a different brand of cotton yarn. It was half cotton, half acrylic. Getting better. So I'm digging through the color choices. Still no black!! I settled for a characoal color. I was still pretty upset that it wasn't black, but definitely a better choice then the Red Heart acrylic yarn I was about to make do with. The dishcloth actually ended up turning out really well. It's kinda hard to notice that it's "charcoal." The main idea is to see the candy corn. I was rather pleased with my dishcloth and want to make more. I plan on doing more illusion knitting in the future too. So cool!

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knittingma said...

The dishcloth turned out great! You can't tell at all that the yarn is Charcoal. Looks very black to me. :) And the illusion knitting is pretty darn cool, too.