Saturday, October 6, 2007

What to Knit?

So I feel that I really don't have very much spare time between preparing lesson plans for next week, going to school, doing reading for school, getting ready for my first observation by my supervisor and everything else that happens in life, but of course I want to start another knitting project. I started knitting the Baby Surprise Jacket two weeks ago. First of all, it seems as though it will be much bigger than I expected. Also, I was following the pattern carefully, but somehow my stitch marker was two stitches off on one end. The only reason that I know this is because the two ends are different and yet you're supposed to do the same thing to each side. Needless to say I really didn't feel like undoing it and figuring it out so it's still sitting on the needles and I have no desire to work out the problem right now.

I have a pattern for a felted Halloween treat bag that looks like a spider. I got it in Oregon when I was visiting my cousin. Being that the first week of October is not over, I should really get cracking on this one. It's super cute and fits the holiday, but I just can't seem to get the ball rolling (or unwinding! lol...geez, i'm a dork).

The cousin from OR, Laurie, is pregnant. She has been having some troubles with her blood pressure and blood sugar levels. I just found out yesterday that she had to go to the hospital and the doctor put her on bed rest. The baby will probably be born early (I think they will be inducing labor) and very very tiny. When I was there, we went to the Yarn Garden (LYS) and they had all these tiny hats for premature babies hanging in the window. I believe it was for charity. My cousin was saying that her baby will probably need some of those tiny hats. So this would be another project (and a very small one too) that I could get going on.

Of course I have plenty of other patterns and stash yarn that the possibilities of what to start working on next are endless. Instead of being creative, I just decided to start some toe-up socks on two circulars. It's a variegated yarn and the colors are kinda boring, but the exciting part is that the yarn has little bits of sparkly silver in them. The sparkles may be hard to see, but here's the beginning of the sock:

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When in doubt, knit socks!

Does anyone have any ideas or patterns on the internet that would give me something different to do with the leg as opposed to the basic k2, p2 rib? I would like to try something different :)

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knittingma said...

That yarn looks pretty! I don't think it's boring at all. What about using something like the butterfly rib from "Ambrosia Socks?" It's still a rib, but it's a little bit more interesting. Here's the link:

There are also some different rib ideas in these two patterns:

Cable Twist:

Diagonal fixation: