Monday, January 31, 2011

What's a Mama To Do?

And by mama, I mean to our kitten. We got a new kitten in December and he is absolutely adorable.


He's fun, rambunctious, cuddly and all the great things a kitten should be,



but there's one small issue. The boy won't let me sleep through the night. He has this habit of kneading in my hair as if he were trying to nurse on my head. As funny as it was at first, I really miss being able to sleep through the night. I have had to wear hoodies to bed and tie them up tight. If I don't wear a hoodie, I have to wrap the sheet tight around my head and leave a small hole to breathe through. I MAY be catering to the kitten just a little...

I think about locking him out of the bedroom, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Tonight might be the night. Besides I miss having our first cat sleeping on the bed with us.

I also hate the fact that my hair has become the kitten's new felting project!

This is the original cat:

Doesn't that look just say, "I'm cute and I miss sleeping in bed with you guys. I promise I won't wake you in the middle of the night or knead in your hair (although I did suckle on your arms and neck all the time when I was a kitten...)."


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Becky said...

Cute cute cute!!

I know it's a little mean, but I've had friends who have locked their cats in the bathroom overnight. Just make a little bed for them and leave them some food and water. Eventually they seem to understand that this is night, and night is not for playing.

Good luck!!